60 Days of Reconstruction – Visual Language B 2021

Duration: 2 months

Content: 3D Scanning, 3D Environments
As part of a visual exploration for my MFA Thesis, 60 Days of Reconstruction and Deconstruction is a study in recontextualizing the physical aspects of my own identity into a digital space. 60 Days questions the sense of Being, and if this collection of my physicality, memories, insecurities, interests, obsessions, secrets, etc. can essentially recreate my own sense of Being in a new reality.

As part of my routine through the 60 Days, every day I captured a subject through 3D scans which was then deconstructed in the computer to obtain flat texture maps of each subject. The experience of capturing, editing, and unraveling each subject was a surreal experience, essentially ridding my physical form and surroundings of their known structure and substance.

Example Scans

Deconstructed Calendar