I'm Erin, a digital designer (and avid playlist curator) currently located in Brooklyn.

I graduated with my BA in Digital Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida, and just recently graduated with my MFA in Communications Design at Pratt Institute.

I have experience spanning across many disciplines in the digital arts, and I use this to bring a great level of perspective in my work. I love working with new people and diverse teams. I am always trying something new, and experimenting with every design I create!

Currently I am:    hand-binding books,
                                3D scanning,
                                CD collecting,
                                relearning film photography,
                                hunting for an oscilloscope,
                                attempting to learn Russian,
                                taking notes on Caravaggio,
                                and listening to Sun Ra

Feel free to email me or check out my resume!

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Updated 05.23.2022