Augmenting Other – Thesis Research and Exploration 2021

Current visual explorations and progress towards my MFA Thesis at Pratt Institute. All essays and references can be viewed here.

The United States is currently confronting its capitalist, heteronormative, patriarchal, white supremacist foundations, and there has been an increasingly prominent push for reform and eradication of this oppressive structure. This structure favors the cisgender, heterosexual, affluent, neurotypical, abled-bodied white male, while those who fall outside of these parameters are deemed as “Other”, an alternate state of Being. Those who are “Other” face a sense of alienation, invisibility, lack of bodily autonomy, and mismatching narratives between one’s external and metaphysical sense of identity, which can be defined as “alterity tension”.

Through cultural probes and case studies, I intend to work with real-life scenarios in order to construct effective responses to instances of Otherness and alterity tension in identity. I will explore collaborative amalgamations between intersectionality and communication design. Through my research and design, I aim to suggest new modes of communicating and behaving when relating to non-normative identities.

Updated 08.24.2021