New Hands Music Festival – BA Thesis Project 2020

Duration: 3 months

Content: Product Design, Web Design, Graphic Design
New Hands is the title of a fictional post-punk music festival I created for my senior project at the University of Florida. I was inspired by the push for sustainability in live music and fashion to create the ideal functioning music festival. Based off my own experience at music festivals, I saw there were many ways these events could improve and completely transition to digital usage.

The first step in this project was conducting some market research. I raised the question to my classmates: "What do you think can be improved at music festivals?". After sorting through replies, I found that the vendors, purchasing, merchandise, and ticketing systems had flaws that could be improved with new sustainable and digital methods.

I also created woodblock prints in the effort to encourage festival go-ers to bring their old articles of clothing to be reused and given new life with festival designed prints.

Project can be viewed as part of the Convergence 2020 Event on Behance.